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2021 ARCH Tenant Conference and Tenant Group AGM 31/03/2021 Labelled as Tenants

Having had to cancel the 2020 ARCH Tenant Conference because of Covid restrictions the ARCH Tenant Group are determined not to miss out again and to press ahead with holding the 2021 ARCH Tenant Conference later this year.


With the government "road map" for coming out of Covid restrictions now clearer, and the possibility of most Covid restrictions being lifted by June this year, the ARCH Tenant Group has begun to consider arrangements for the 2021 Annual ARCH Tenant Conference.


The 2020 ARCH Tenant Conference was originally planned to be held in Stevenage in September last year but having had to cancel the 2020 conference members of the Tenant Group are more determined than ever that this year's ARCH Tenant Conference will go ahead in one form or another.


No firm date has been fixed as yet for the 2021 ARCH Tenant Conference but members of the Tenant Group are hoping to arrange the conference in the Autumn of 2021 when, hopefully, most if not all, the present Covid restrictions will be lifted and we will be able to meet together again in person. The ARCH Tenant Group will be discussing arrangements for the conference at its next meeting on 12 April and will be looking at all options including meeting in person, holding a virtual conference via webinar or possibly a hybrid of the two.


Watch out for further details in future editions of the ARCH bulletin.


The Tenant Group have also agreed to postpone the Group's Annual General Meeting (AGM) for a period of no longer than 6 months. The AGM was originally scheduled for 21 June 2021, but the plan is to hold the AGM later this year when Covid restrictions are lifted and further details will be announced in due course.  

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