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ARCH 2020 Tenants’ Conference on hold 23/04/2020 Labelled as Tenants

Plans for the ARCH Tenants' Conference due to be held on 16 September in Stevenage have been put on hold as a result of the coronavirus crisis.


The ARCH Tenants' Group was due to meet on Monday 27 April to begin work on the detailed programme and booking arrangements for the 2020 Annual Tenants' Conference and although the Group has been unable to meet in person, members of the Group have been considering arrangements for the tenants' conference.


The Government's "exit strategy" from the current lockdown measures is, as yet, unclear; but even if the current lockdown measures are not extended further into May it seems likely that some form of social distancing measures will continue until such time as testing for the virus can be extended to the wider population and/or vaccine can be found. There are also a considerable number of vulnerable people with underlying health conditions currently advised to "shield" themselves at home for at least 12 weeks.


The Tenants' Group believes there is a strong possibility that the Government will retain rules on social distancing and perhaps a continued ban on large gatherings and may also advise against all but essential long distance travel in order to mitigate against a so called "second wave" of infections. They may also suggest that those who are currently shielding from the virus and other individuals who may be considered at high risk of complications from infection due to age or underlying health conditions should continue with self-isolation or strict social distancing until a vaccine or treatment is developed.


Taking these factors into account, there is a significant risk that the number of delegates to a national Tenants' Conference in September is likely to be much lower than normal and the ARCH Tenants' Group feels that in the circumstances the sensible option is to postpone the date of the Conference until the Government's "exit strategy" is known and restrictions on travel and attendance at large gatherings are fully lifted.


It is therefore with regret that the ARCH Tenants' Group has made a decision to put this year's Conference on indefinite hold for the time being. A re-arranged date has not yet been agreed and will only be considered, if and when, the Government lifts restrictions on social distancing and large gatherings.


Watch out for further announcements in future editions of the ARCH Bulletin.

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