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ARCH Tenant Group to discuss local government reorganisation 10/09/2020 Labelled as Tenants

At the most recent meeting of the ARCH Tenant Group on 7 September, members of the Tenant Group decided to schedule a discussion at their next meeting on the potential impact of local government reorganisation on the management of council housing.


With the Government planning to bring forward a White Paper on "devolution and local recovery" and many county councils arguing for the abolition of district councils and the creation of single unitary councils based on existing county boundaries the ARCH Tenant Group is concerned that the voices of tenants are heard and listened to in this debate about the future shape of local government.


Already county councils such as Lincolnshire and Surrey are beginning to make their cases for creation of single unitary councils in their areas and tenants will want to understand what this might mean for the future management of their homes.


If you have any views and comments on this matter, or experience of local government reorganisation in your area, the ARCH Tenant Group would be interested to hear your views. Please email your comments to Gez Kinsella ARCH Tenant Group Facilitator -


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