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ARCH Tenant Group to meet authors of key report on stigma 25/11/2021 Labelled as Tenants

The issue of stigma featured high on the agenda of many tenants in informing the Social Housing Green Paper and although not specifically mentioned as one of the 7 elements of the Charter for Social Housing Residents in the Social Housing White Paper, the White Paper makes reference to the 'See the Person' Campaign to tackle stigma in social housing.


Following earlier consideration of a new report "Stigma and Social Housing in England" by Mercy Denedo (Durham University) and Amanze Ejiogu (University of Leicester) the ARCH Tenant Group invited the authors of the report to meet with members of the Tenant Group to discuss the report in more detail and the authors of the report have agreed to attend a special meeting of the ARCH Tenant Group to discuss the issue of stigmatisation of social housing and social housing tenants.


The Special Meeting of the ARCH Tenant Group with the report authors will take place on 9 December 2021.

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