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ARCH annual report


The ARCH annual report for 2015-16 is now available to view.


Download it here.

HouseMark Housing Directors Forum 26/04/2018

ARCH members who hold dual ARCH & HouseMark membership are invited to attend the HouseMark Housing Directors Forum to discuss the theme of homelessness.


Exclusive HouseMark member events, half-day with refreshments and lunch included.


Manchester - 23 May 2018
Bristol 13 - June 2018
Birmingham - 20 June 2018

To book a place, please click on the relevant date above.

Hosted by HouseMark Director, Arturo Dell.

This April will see changes to your statutory rights, stating any household vulnerable to homelessness must see prevention and reliefmade available within 56 days.


  • What will you be doing differently in relation to this change?
  • How will these changes impact your organisation overall?
  • How do you feel about how we support the 'hidden homeless' now and into the future?


Join the conversation, exchange operational ideas and solutions and share best practice.

Data collection and reporting of homelessness is also changing, aiming to get a better understanding of the amount of hidden homeless.


  • How do you currently collect homelessness data?
  • What are the challenges of collecting this data?
  • How does the insight from homelessness data impact the way you work?

Learn from others, share your thoughts and discuss and debate different approaches.

The Forums are for members, by members, held under Chatham House rules to encourage open conversations in a trusted space.


For more information please contact Mani Hundal tel: 024 7646 0500 or email


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