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Webinar: Rebalancing the Homelessness equation 17/12/2020 Labelled as Development, Legislation


We are pleased to be able to offer ARCH member councils discounted rates for attendance at a special webinar organised by our colleagues at the National Federation of Almos (NFA) to be held on Wednesday 3 February 2021 10.30am - 2.30pm via WebEx.


Homelessness services have become increasingly stretched over the last 10 years as the numbers of homeless and precariously housed people have grown. Rough sleeping has surged in all parts of England and areas of the country that had previously not seen a significant homelessness problem are now facing similar issues and pressures to London Boroughs.


The Coronavirus pandemic has further exacerbated the issues and as the country went into lock-down the government asked councils to implement their "Everyone In" policy to ensure that rough sleepers were given a safe place to stay for both their own health and for the public's health. Practically, over one weekend the government met their rough sleeping target as local authorities, ALMOs and other partners worked tirelessly to house everyone who was sleeping on the street and move as many people and families in hostels or shared accommodation into self-contained accommodation.


During this crisis period organisations worked in different, more joined up ways and were able to offer some very excluded people a housing led support package. Lessons were learnt and good practices developed that so far have had significant success. Government has provided additional funding and MHCLG are working with councils up and down the country to try to ensure as many people are supported into long term accommodation as possible.


This webinar provides everyone working in preventing and dealing with homelessness across the country an unmissable opportunity to hear from both MHCLG officials and experts on the ground about what is working and how Councils and ALMOs can work in partnership with a wide variety of organisations to help reduce rough sleeping and prevent homelessness.


The webinar is aimed at NFA, ARCH, LGA and CWAG members, ALMO chief Executives and council directors and heads of housing, homelessness staff and directors and managers in registered providers.


Further information and the programme and list of speakers


To book your place complete the online registration form here

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