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93,000 homeless households in temporary accommodation 27/08/2020

The latest Statistical Release from the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government (MHCLG) on local authority activities carried out under their statutory homelessness duties reveal that the number of homeless households, accepted as statutorily homeless and placed in temporary accommodation at 31 March 2020 was up 9.4% from 31 March 2019 to 93,000.


63,610 of these households included dependent children with a total of 129,380 dependent children living in temporary accommodation at 31 March 2020.


25,540 of households placed in temporary accommodation at 31 March 2020 were housed in accommodation in a different local authority district - 85.2% of these "out of district placements" were from London authorities.


Although only 1 week into the Coronavirus lockdown announced on 23 March the increase may be linked to the Covid19 "everyone in" scheme.  The Eviction ban introduced by the Government and recently extended is expected to have an impact on the number of households becoming homeless during the lockdown period but as the ban is lifted the numbers threatened with homelessness is expected to increase significantly over the next 6 to 18 months.


Read the full MHCLG statistical release.

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