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Fire Safety Act Regulations expected shortly 13/05/2022 Labelled as Regulation

We previously reported that regulations under the Fire Safety Act 2021 which were expected to be published in Autumn 2021 are now expected to be introduced within the next few months, although proposals for Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs) may be subject to further consultation.


ARCH has been advised that the draft regulations are expected to be laid before parliament shortly.


The Regulations will impose specific new duties on local authority landlords in managing fire risks in:

  • high rise buildings above 18 metres in height,
  • multi-occupied residential buildings above 11 metres in height; and
  • in all multi-occupied residential buildings, which contain two or more sets of domestic premises and contain common parts, regardless of height.


We anticipate that the regulations will:

 a) Define a high-rise residential building in line with the definition of a "higher-risk building" used in the Building Safety Bill (at least 18 metres in height or at least seven storeys).


 b) In high-rise residential buildings the designated responsible person must:

i.      Share electronically with their local Fire & Rescue Service information on their building's external wall systems, building and floor plans which identify specified fire-fighting equipment and where a RP is unable to rectify a fault with the lift used by fire-fighters, evacuation lift or specified pieces of fire-fighting equipment within 24 hours of the fault being identified.

 ii.      Install on site a secure information box which will include hard copies of the building and floor plans. This box will also contain the UK contact details of the RP and any other relevant key-holder.

 iii.      Undertake monthly checks of lifts used by fire-fighters and specified fire-fighting equipment.

iv.      Install wayfinding signage (which identifies floor and flat numbers) in the building's stairways and lobbies which is visible in low light.


c) In multi-occupied residential buildings with storeys 11 metres and above in height the Responsible Person must:   

 i.      Undertake quarterly checks on the fire doors in the building's common parts and, on a "best endeavour" basis undertake annual checks on flat entrance doors.


d) in all multi-occupied residential buildings, which contain two or more sets of domestic premises and contain common parts regardless of height the Responsible Person must:

 i.      Provide residents with fire safety instructions which should include instructions on the evacuation strategy for the building, how to report a fire and any other instructions which sets out what a resident should do if they encounter a fire.

 ii.      Provide residents with information regarding the importance of fire doors to a building's fire safety.

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