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ARCH annual report


The ARCH annual report for 2015-16 is now available to view.


Download it here.

Housing Green Paper – the ARCH response 13/09/2018 Labelled as Scrutiny, Regulation

The ARCH Executive Board and ARCH Tenant Group will hold special meetings in October to consider and agree the ARCH response to the Social Housing Green Paper and in the meantime, we will be writing to all ARCH member councils to ask for their help in shaping the ARCH response to the Social Housing Green Paper, which must be submitted by 6 November. 


With that letter, we will be setting out an initial reaction to the issues raised in the Green Paper following a discussion at the ARCH Board meeting on 10 September.


We are asking ARCH member councils for their reaction to the line we have taken on each of the main issues and to the proposed answers to the 48 specific questions for consultation.


There are several issues where we would be particularly grateful to receive information from member councils on current practice. These relate to:


  • Local Decent Homes Plus standards (Questions 3 and 4) - where authorities have already adopted local standards we would be grateful to have details, including costs where possible;
  • Complaints procedures and use of mediation (Questions 5-11) - details of local complaints procedures and mediation where used;
  • Performance reporting and tenant scrutiny (Questions 15 and 20) - details of local arrangements for accountability to tenants
  • Tenant involvement in service delivery, selection of contractors and design of new homes (Questions 26, 27 and 44)


We would also particularly like to hear the views of member councils with extensive experience with Tenant Management Organisations (on Questions 24 and 35) and leasehold management (on Question 28).


We are seeking responses from ARCH member councils by 8 October, to allow time to feed your views into the ARCH Executive Board and ARCH Tenant Group as well as incorporating them into our final response to the Green Paper.


We would encourage all ARCH member councils to respond, to ensure that the ARCH response to the Green Paper reflects the consensus views of our members.


There will also be an opportunity for tenants to learn more about the Green Paper directly from senior officials at the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government when they speak at the ARCH Tenant Conference on 18 September and the ARCH Tenant Group will be discussing the Green Paper in detail at a special meeting of the Tenant Group, to be held on 15 October. 

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