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Housing Ombudsman’s Complaint Handling Code: Podcast 26/05/2022 Labelled as Regulation

The Housing Ombudsman has recently launched a new season of podcast episodes aimed at providing more insight on the Housing Ombudsman's casework, and to share best practice.


Previous podcasts have explored various topics such as damp and mould and disrepair claims, and the latest episode looks at the Ombudsman's strengthened Complaint Handling Code.


In this latest podcast the Housing Ombudsman explores some important changes and new requirements in the Code. The fundamentals of the Code remain unchanged, but it has been strengthened to further improve complaint procedures, based on feedback from both residents and landlords. These include clarification on reasons for excluding and/or not escalating complaints, on providing as many methods as possible to raise complaints and on responsibility for complaint handling.


The Podcast also discusses new requirements on publicising the Code and the Housing Ombudsman Scheme and undertaking self-assessments against the Code on an annual basis as well as expectations on governing bodies involvement in complaint handling.


Joining the Housing Ombudsman Richard Blakeway in this episode, are Dave Simmons, Sector Development Lead, and Rebecca Reed, Head of Insight and Development, together with special guests Louise Holt, Head of Business Services at Tpas, and Gill Mooney, Head of Customer Engagement at Community Homes. They share examples of how landlords used the self-assessment exercise as an opportunity to improve complaint handling and make sure that the process was as robust as possible and with strong resident involvement.  


This latest episode and all other episodes are on the Housing Ombudsman's website.

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