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Nominations to the ARCH Tenants’ Group 2021 22/09/2021 Labelled as Tenants

Every two years ARCH members can nominate a tenant to become a member of the ARCH Tenants Group and applications are now invited for membership of this Group. There are 24 members on the Tenants Group.  However, if more than 24 nominations are received, and in accordance with our Terms of Reference, an election will take place for the Group's membership.


We aim that the Membership of the ARCH Tenants Group reflects, as far as possible, a wide range of the community, property and tenure types from across the country.


Tenant members of the Group should be nominated by or with the approval of the appropriate Local Tenants' Group, where one exists, to or by the Tenant Participation Officer (or equivalent) from their local authority.


This information pack contains all you need to know to make your nomination to the ARCH Tenants Group.


Why is the ARCH Tenants Group important?


  • The ARCH Tenants' Group is the only local authority-specific tenants' group representing the interest of local authority tenants at a national level.


  • Two members of the Group (Chair and Vice Chair) are appointed Directors on the ARCH Executive Board so they can influence strategic decision making.


Benefit to your organisation of representation on the ARCH Tenants' Group:


  • Higher profile on a national body which has influence in the sector


  • Opportunity for your involved tenant to develop at a national level and bring that learning back to your organisation


If you have any queries about the nomination process then please contact or mobile 07833362663.


Please ensure you return your nomination form by 22nd October 2021.



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