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'See the Person' Campaign – elections to Tenant Leadership Committee 07/03/2019 Labelled as Tenants

Congratulations to ARCH Tenant Group members Martyn Lund and Yaw John Boeteng and to Ann Reekie tenant representative from ARCH member Hull City Council on being elected to the 'See the Person' Campaign Leadership Committee.


Martyn is a tenant representative from Kettering Borough Council and was elected as a representative of the ARCH Tenant Group. Yaw and Ann have been elected as tenant representatives from their own local authorities (Croydon Council and Hull City Council respectively).    


Formerly known as the Benefit to Society project, 'See the Person' Campaignhas been created to tackle the stigma that many social housing tenants experience.


'See the Person'is a campaign led and organised by social housing tenants and staff working in partnership. The Campaign wants to see a more balanced portrayal and understanding of the people living in social housing and is funded by sponsor organisations mainly in the housing sector (including ARCH). 


Further information about the 'See the Person' Campaign is available on the Campaign's website.


The objectives of the 'See the Person' Campaign are:


  • To encourage the British public to better understand the stigma associated with social housing tenants and the impact this has on their lives.
  • To inspire the public to see social housing tenants in fairer, more balanced way.
  • To challenge politicians to recognise social housing tenants as their constituents and make it a clear political necessity that negative language and assumptions are challenged by them.
  • To change the way the housing sector and the wider media communicates stories and news involving social housing tenants, their homes and their communities.
  • To organise a tenant led campaign, supported in partnership by housing staff and others.


The new Tenant Leadership Committee is made up of 9 tenant representatives from a range of sponsoring organisations as follows:


  • Yaw John Boateng (London Borough of Croydon)
  • Lynne Brosnan (Rochdale Boroughwide Housing)
  • Fiona Brown (Progress Housing)
  • Pam Hankinson (SYHA)
  • Andrew Johnson (Rochdale Boroughwide Housing)
  • Bernadette Kelly (Bolton at Home)
  • Martyn Lund (ARCH)
  • Chris Moseley (Homes in Sedgemoor)
  • Ann Reekie (Hull City Council)


The committee was due to meet for the first time on March 7th in London.  Watch out for more information in future editions of the ARCH member bulletin

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