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ARCH annual report


The ARCH annual report for 2015-16 is now available to view.


Download it here.

Report from Jenny Hill

Jenny Hill's report to ARCH Tenants' Group AGM - June 2015


Firstly, I'd like to thank the tenant group members for their hard work and support since the last AGM. I'd also like to thank Carole Halfacre for her continued support.


Our conference in Birmingham was a success with 120 tenants attending. It was decided that we'd have an exercise involving all the tenants, and bearing in mind that an election was being held in 2015, we decided to ask what they would like to see in a manifesto. This session worked really well. Following the conference we worked on the production of the tenants' manifesto which originally was to stand alone. 


The Group and I were disappointed that it wasn't a standalone ARCH manifesto but understand that a joint one with the NFA may hold more weight and have a stronger voice. Some of you attended the launch of the manifesto at the House of Commons. The Tenants Group were pleased that the outputs from the manifesto exercise at the conference were published.


Also, since the last AGM the Executive undertook a review and consulted with all member councils on how they thought ARCH was operating. This resulted in changes being made including the appointment of a new Chief Executive Officer, John Bibby. John as you may be aware, retired as Director of Housing & Community Services at the City of Lincoln Council and was a founder member of the ARCH Executive. His role is to promote ARCH and liaise with The Tenants Group. The Tenants Group welcomed this as we felt that there was a lack of communication and understanding between the two.


The ARCH blog has been replaced with a bi-weekly e-bulletin which is proving to be popular.


This year's Tenant's Conference is being hosted by Croydon Council and you will be given and update on the preparation for the conference later on. The Conference is an ideal opportunity of networking with other tenants and obtaining their views on matters that concern them.


Your councils should by now have received the email regarding the booking of your places at the conference. Just to remind you up to five tenants go free but that does not include your right to go to the conference. 


As members of the Tenants Group you will have access to the ARCH website via a password and if you wish to use this site, a password can be given to you.


The Chairman and Vice Chairman (who are or who will be Directors) attend the ARCH Executive meetings and report to them on what the Tenants Group have been doing. These reports will be circulated for information prior to the Executive meetings so that you're aware of what is being said on your behalf. Similarly, a report will be given to the Tenants Group at their next meeting relating to the Executive meeting.


As a result of the work carried out regarding the manifesto. we've not been able to produce a new leaflet but we'll be discussing the topic for one later on.


TPAS are holding their conference on 9th - 10th July and two members of the Tenants Group are holding a workshop and is listed in the programme as follows:-


Association of Retained Council Housing (ARCH) Tenants Group

Manifesto time  -  Jenny Hill & Martyn Lund

Tenant Group members, Association of Retained Council Housing (ARCH)
The warts and all story of how the ARCH Tenants Group were involved in an exercise to develop tenants' priorities which influenced the content of the ARCH and National Federation of ALMO's manifesto which was launched at House of Commons earlier this year and what has happened since.


What are our aims for the year ahead:


  • To have a very successful conference in Croydon
  • To be consulted by the Executive on any proposed responses to Government consultation
  • To have a higher profile and be proactive in promoting ARCH by seeking meetings with the local tenants group of those council's that are not yet members of ARCH
  • Continue to advise and inform the Executive of tenants' aspirations.


Jenny Hill, Chair of ARCH tenants' group