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ARCH annual report


The ARCH annual report for 2015-16 is now available to view.


Download it here.

Tenant articles

ARCH & NFA meet NAO to discuss welfare reform survey

Following publication of the results of the latest ARCH/NFA Welfare Reform survey, ARCH and the NFA met with the National Audit Office to discuss the findings of the survey.

Benefit to Society Project update
John Bibby - 03/08/2017

ARCH is supporting the Benefit to Society Project which has been created to tackle the often unfair reporting in the media on social housing and the stigma social housing tenants experience.

Tenant's Conference 2017

Read about this year's Tenant's Conference in Birmingham, and book a place.

Meet the new ARCH Tenants’ Group

Membership of the ARCH Tenants’ Group for the next two years has been confirmed.

Your views: A fair press for social housing tenants

A project is looking for tenants to share their views and experiences of how the media portrays social housing and social housing tenants.

ARCH Tenants’ Group AGM and Tenants’ Conference

The next meeting of the ARCH Tenants’ Group and their Annual General Meeting will be held on 19 June.

ARCH Tenants' Group nominations are in

This year, ARCH received 19 nominations for membership of the ARCH Tenants’ Group from members.

ARCH Tenants' Conference 2017

The date and venue for this year’s ARCH Tenants' Conference has been confirmed.

ARCH Tenants' Group to meet 28 November

The ARCH Tenants’ Group is meeting again on Monday 28 November in London.

Latest from the ARCH Tenants' Group

The ARCH Tenants Group met on the 10 October and received an update on the progress of Regulations and Guidance for the 2016 Housing and Planning Act legislation which has been delayed.

The ARCH Tenants' Conference in pictures

Check out the photos from this year's ARCH Tenants' Conference.

Tenants' Conference 2016

ARCH tenants' conference 2016 report.

What next for tenants: conference report

Catch up on what happened at this year’s ARCH Tenant’s Conference.

ARCH Tenants' Group Meeting

The next ARCH Tenants’ Group meeting will take place on Monday 5 September.

ARCH debates housing policy at TPAS Annual Conference

John Bibby, ARCH Chief Executive, shared a platform with CIH, SHOUT ad TPAS at the TPAS National Conference to discuss the challenging national policies that landlords and tenants are now having to work with.

ARCH Tenant Group Meeting 18 April 2016

The ARCH Tenants Group will be meeting again on Monday 18 April in London

ARCH Tenants' Group to examine housing legislation

The ARCH Tenants’ Group’s first meeting of the year will take place on Monday 22 February in London.

ARCH Tenants' Group Meeting 22 February 2016

The first meeting of the ARCH Tenant Group in 2016 will take place on 22 February at the Chartered Institute of Housing offices in London.

News from the ARCH Tenant Group

The ARCH Tenants' Group is next meeting on Monday 2 November 2015.

ARCH Tenants' Group meets to discuss the government's housing proposals

The ARCH Tenants' group members met with John Bibby, ARCH CEO, earlier this week to discuss the implications of the Housing Bill and the Welfare Reform and Work Bill for the Council Housing sector and its tenants.

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