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Consultation on a new standard for the competency and conduct of senior housing managers 16/02/2024 Labelled as Tenants

On 7 February, DLUHC launched a consultation on a new competency and conduct standard for senior housing managers. A draft Direction to the Regulator of Social Housing requires introduction of a new Consumer Standard that Registered Providers, including local authorities, would be expected to meet. The Standard defines 'senior housing managers' and 'senior housing executives' as 'relevant individuals' to whom certain requirements would apply. RPs would have to:


  • have an up-to-date written policy setting out their approach to managing and developing the skills, knowledge, experience and conduct of relevant individuals;
  • adopt or develop an appropriate code of conduct for those of their staff who are relevant individuals;
  • 'secure' that relevant individuals have, or are working towards, a relevant qualification.


A 'senior housing manager' is someone who will usually manage the direct delivery of housing management services to tenants. "Senior housing executives will usually be Heads of Services and Directors who provide strategic direction and have accountability in relation to housing management services". Where a role covers more than housing management, the test is whether the manager has a 'substantive' housing management role which takes up a 'significant' portion of their working time which 'in many, but not all, cases', takes up 'more than half their time'.


The Policy Statement defines the expected qualifications. Once the proposed arrangements are fully operational, the requirements on relevant staff would apply after they have been in post for 6 months. A transitional period of 2 years is proposed to cover the introduction of the arrangements, and the consultation paper also includes proposals covering staff who hold overlapping qualifications, for example RICS.


The consultation closes on 2 April. ARCH will be submitting a response and would like to hear member authorities' views on the proposals, and particularly on the number of staff likely to be affected. Please send comments to ARCH Policy Adviser Matthew Warburton ( by 22 March.

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