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Organisation Stock size at
1 April 2019

Political control
December 2019

Arun DC 3,343 South East NOC
Ashfield DC 7,000 West Midlands IND
Basildon BC 10,859 East NOC
Birmingham City Council 62,609 West Midlands LAB
Bolsover DC 5,144 East Midlands LAB
Bournemouth BC 5,185 South West CON
Brighton & Hove CC 11,563 South East NOC
Bristol City Council 28,500 South West LAB
Broxtowe BC 4,532 East Midlands CON
Cambridge City Council 6,924 East LAB
Cannock Chase DC 5,134 West Midlands LAB
Canterbury City Council 5,146 South East CON
Castle Point BC 1,520 East CON
City of Lincoln Council 7,800 East Midlands LAB
Cheshire West & Chester Council 5,497 North West LAB
Crawley BC 7,791 South East LAB
Dartford BC 4,228 South East CON
East Riding of Yorkshire Council 11,578 Yorkshire and the Humber CON
Epping Forest DC 6,501 East CON
Exeter City Council 4,973 South West LAB
Gravesham BC 5,695 South East LAB
Great Yarmouth BC 5,904 East CON
Hinckley & Bosworth BC 3,354 East LD
Hull CC 24,512 Yorkshire and the Humber LAB
Ipswich BC 8,037 East LAB
Kettering BC 3,720 East Midlands CON
LB of Croydon 13,801 London LAB
LB of Hackney 30,000 London LAB
LB of Hammersmith and Fulham 12,351 London LAB
LB of Wandsworth 16,796 London CON
Lewes DC 3,210 South East CON
Luton BC 7,934 East LAB
Milton Keynes Council 11,668 East NOC
North Kesteven DC 3,854 East Midlands CON
North Tyneside MBC 15,388 North East LAB
North Warwickshire BC 2,663 West Midlands CON
North West Leicestershire DC 4,268 East Midlands CON
Norwich City Council 15,138 East LAB
Nuneaton and Bedworth BC 5,844 West Midlands NOC
Oldham Council 2,036 North West LAB
Oxford City Council 7,592 South East LAB
Pembrokshire CC 5,663 Wales CON
Reading BC 6,881 South East LAB
Redditch BC 5,877 West Midlands CON
Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames 4,790 London LD
Rugby BC 3,785 West Midlands CON
Runnymede BC 2,906 South East CON
Sheffield City Council 40,195 Yorkshire and Humber LAB
Slough BC 6,232 South East LAB
South Cambridgeshire DC 5,252 East LD
South Derbyshire DC 2,973 East Midlands CON
South Kesteven DC 6,128 East Midlands CON
Southampton City Council 16,415 South East LAB
Stevenage BC 7,955 East LAB
Stoke on Trent City Council 18,564 West Midlands NOC
Stroud DC 5,188 South West NOC
Tamworth BC 4,397 West Midlands CON
Tendring DC 3,186 East NOC
Uttlesford DC 2,812 East CON
Waltham Forest Council 10,103 London LAB
Warwick DC 5,473 West Midlands CON
Wealden DC 3,000 South East CON
Welwyn Hatfield BC 9,022 East NOC
West Lancashire BC 6,058 North West LAB
Winchester City Council 4,998 South East LD
Wigan BC 22,268 North West LAB
Woking BC 3,350 South East NOC
Wokingham BC 2,610 South East CON



CON = Conservative party majority

IND = Independant

LAB = Labour party majority

LD = Liberal Democrat party majority

NOC = No overall control