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Consultation on the provision of information on tenants' rights – Government response 02/02/2024 Labelled as Regulation

Last year DLUHC consulted on a direction to the Regulator of Social Housing that would require councils to provide information to tenants on their rights, including their right to make a complaint against their landlord. The ARCH response to the consultation is here. DLUHC has now reported the outcome of the consultation. One issue that was raised in the ARCH submission and has not been addressed in the DLUHC response is the suggestion that the Regulator should provide advice or guidance on how to present the information about tenants' rights in clear and simple language, so the 3000 councils and housing associations affected do not each have to grapple with this challenge separately. ARCH, together with the LGA and National Federation of ALMOs, will be writing to the Regulator and DLUHC to pursue this matter further.

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