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Matthew Warburton wrote a weekly blog from 2012 until the beginning of 2015 when we replaced the blog with a two-weekly Bulletin.

Councils should become Housing Delivery Enablers, say Elphicke and House

Matthew Warburton - 30/01/2015

Writing about the new Elphicke-House review, Matthew Warburton highlights the key points from this while pointing to a few 'disappointing' gaps.

The report claims that councils could, and should, achieve much more by taking a more central role in providing new homes.

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CMA publishes study of Leasehold Management
Matthew Warburton - 12/12/2014

Matthew Warburton writes about findings from the Competition and Markets Authority's study of the property management market, including local authority management of leasehold flats.

ARCH – the way forward
Councillor Paul Ellis & Matthew Warburton - 28/11/2014

Following a comprehensive survey of members' views on the way forward for ARCH, Councillor Paul Ellis and Matthew Warburton have set out the survey's findings and agreed a response.

A stronger role for councils in boosting housing supply
Matthew Warburton - 07/11/2014

Continuing his discussion about the Lyons Report, Matthew Warburton looks at the question of who will build and commission the extra homes we need.

Planning reforms to release more land for housing
Matthew Warburton - 27/10/2014

This week, Matthew Warburton writes about those aspects of the recently published Lyons Review which discuss planning system reforms. This, argues the report, is a primary approach to releasing more land for social housing.

Lyons – councils must rise to the challenge
Matthew Warburton - 20/10/2014

ARCH's Policy Advisor Matthew Warburton looks at what the Lyons Housing Review has to say about why we are now building only around half the number of new homes each year that the nation needs.

Liberal Democrats – policy and practice
Matthew Warburton - 09/10/2014

ARCH's Policy Advisor, Matthew Warburton, offers insights into the recent Liberal Democrat's annual conference in Glasgow.

Conservative homes plans are modest
Matthew Warburton - 03/10/2014

Responding to the recent Conservative Party conference held in Birmingham, Matthew Warburton expresses surprise that more was not said about housing.

Labour says no to raising debt caps
Matthew Warburton - 26/09/2014

Following the Labour Party's Annual Conference in Manchester, Matthew Warburton focuses on its refusal to lift the rent cap.

Government consults on a Right to Move for tenants taking up work or training
Matthew Warburton - 19/09/2014

A consultation issued by DCLG proposes a new Right to Move for council or housing association tenants, seeking work or training, who want to transfer to other districts.

Lib Dems looking to the future
Matthew Warburton - 16/09/2014

Looking ahead to the Liberal Democrats' forthcoming Conference, to be held at the start of October, Matthew Warburton discusses the party's strategy of challenging key elements of Coalition policy.

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