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ARCH quoted in self-financing note

The House of Commons Library stocks a publication (11 December 2013) called 'Local housing authorities - the self-financing regime: progress and issues'...

Matthew quoted on 'temporary waivers'

ARCH's policy adviser, Matthew Warburton, was quoted by Inside Housing today regarding Government plans to 'offer temporary waivers' to housing associations.

Matthew comments on new social rent policy

Further to Matthew Warburton's blog article about the government's social rent policy, Matthew Warburton was quoted in an Inside Housing article on this subject called "New social rent policy branded 'unfair' by local authorities" (31 October, 2013).

Welfare Reform Survey feature: Inside Housing

ARCH was mentioned in the current issue of 'Inside Housing' (25 October), and page 3 carries a story about the 'bedroom tax' and how arrears are hitting tenants.

Alan Hall writes about renegotiating signed S106 Agreements

An opinion piece on '24 dash' where ARCH board member, Alan Hall, writes about councils' efforts to renegotiate signed S106 Agreements in 28 days.

ARCH in Local Government Chronicle

ARCH's survey of stock-owning councils, revealing increases in housebuilding over the next five years, was briefly mentioned in a recent Local Government Chronicle (LGC) article dated 17 July.

ARCH figures quoted in 'Missing the target' article

Writing for Inside Housing in an article called 'Missing the target', Nick Duxbury considers the impact of the Government's plans to ditch rent convergence.

ARCH report featured on 24dash

News of ARCH's report, 'Innovation and Ambition', has been published on news site, 24dash.

ARCH makes front page news

ARCH gained some welcome publicity this month when Inside Housing ran (July 12) a full colour front page feature about Government plans to scrap the convergence element of the rent setting formula.

Matthew engages with resident involvement debate

ARCH's policy adviser Matthew Warburton contributed to a Guardian Housing Network live discussion about creating value from resident involvement on 25 February.

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