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ARCH responses to recent consultations 10/11/2023 Labelled as Regulation

ARCH has submitted responses to two recent consultation papers issued by the Regulator of Social Housing which have important implications for local authority landlords - on the new consumer standards which they will be expected to meet, and the fees that the Regulator plans to charge, from April 2024.  ARCH has generally welcomed the new consumer standards, subject to a number of concerns about the detail, but expressed serious concern that neither DLUHC nor the Regulator have given adequate consideration to the costs of complying with them.  Our full response is here.


On fees, the Regulator proposes to recover the full costs of regulation from local authority landlords by way of an annual charge of £7-8 per property.  ARCH has argued that this is inappropriate and imposes an unacceptable burden that falls ultimately on council tenants.  We argue that any decision to charge fees should be deferred for at least 2 years to allow time for a full value-for-money scrutiny of the Regulator's work. Our full response is here.


ARCH is currently working on responses to two further consultations:


  • DLUHC has asked for comments by 22 November on a new Direction to the RSH on the provision of information to tenants on tenants' rights and complaints (see ARCH Bulletin 29 September 2024)


Member authorities are encouraged submit views they would like to see included in ARCH's responses to either of these consultations to ARCH Policy Adviser Matthew Warburton (


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