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Complaints Best Practice Working Group


Following consultation on the Housing Ombudsman’s new Business Plan and proposals for revisions to the Housing Ombudsman Scheme, ARCH has been invited by the Housing Ombudsman to join a Complaints Handling Best Practice Working Group set up by the Housing Ombudsman.

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Housing best practice: Repairs online survey

The City of Lincoln Council, working in a partnership with the London Borough of Greenwich, South Kesteven District Council and Southwark councils are exploring how councils can use a common service pattern for reporting, diagnosing and scheduling housing repairs.

UK Zero Carbon Research

ARCH member councils are asked to participate in research to support the UK’s transition to a low-carbon energy system.

Welwyn Hatfield seek to appoint to their Independent Remuneration Panel

Are you interested in being an Independent Remuneration Panel member for Welwyn Hatfield Council?

Housing Association invests in OJEU Tendering Software to lock away £1.7m Energy Savings

In our latest example of best practice in the housing sector we look at how Optivo Housing Association invested in tendering software to help combat rising energy costs and achieved £1.7m energy savings.

Latest from the ARCH Exchange: Repairs appointments and DLO terms and conditions

ARCH Exchange gives senior people working in the stock retained sector a simple way to pool their knowledge and experience, and to reduce duplicated efforts.

Best practice: managing to make a difference

Our colleagues at the National Federation of ALMOs (NFA) have issued a best practice publication “Managing to make a difference” looking at housing management in the ALMO sector.

ARCH Exchange

Is your council developing its housing policies and/or undertaking a scrutiny review? If so, are you making the most of ARCH Exchange?

HouseMark launch new interactive comparison tool

ARCH members who are also members of HouseMark can now access HouseMark’s new online, interactive Local Authority Housing Statistics (LAHS) comparison analysis tool.

ARCH Exchange latest

ARCH Exchange gives people working in ARCH member councils a simple way to pool knowledge and experience and reduce duplicated effort.

Make the most of ARCH Exchange

We'd like to remind our members of the benefits of ARCH Exchange. The Exchange gives senior employees working in the stock retained sector a simple way to pool their knowledge and experience, and to reduce duplicated efforts.

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