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ARCH annual report


The ARCH annual report for 2015-16 is now available to view.


Download it here.

Best practice

Local authority owned energy supplier expands operation


Robin Hood Energy, the U.K.s first local authority owned, fully licenced, gas and electricity supplier has continued to grow from strength to strength since its launch and it has developed a range of products for local authorities and social housing providers working to tackle fuel poverty.

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A sense of purpose: VFM in council housing

In this publication, HouseMark seeks to help local authority housing organisations to think strategically about the value of their social housing business – the product and the local authority housing organisations that provide it – in order to determine the right local approach to securing avlue for money.

The report sets out the sector’s current response on value for money and the challenges ahead if a new sense of purpose is to be defined and value is to be maximised.

Reminder ARCH New Build Network

The inaugural meeting of the ARCH New Build Network will take place in London on 14 December.

Networking & information sharing on housing development

We are looking to establish an information sharing network for those councils who are, or who are considering, developing and building new council housing.

Warwick DC build shared ownership housing

Earlier this year, Warwick District Council unveiled the first council houses to be built in Warwick since the turn of the century including the development of homes for shared ownership.

The Housing and Finance Institute: what can it do for you?

Claire Coutinho, Programme Director at the Housing and Finance Institute (HFi) spoke at our regional event in London.

A flexible and diverse approach to improving housing
Northumberland County Council - 28/08/2013

Self financing has given Northumberland County Council options that were not in place beforehand, helping the council with it's flexible and diverse approach to improving housing.

Prioritising HRA new build in a high-value housing market
Oxford City Council - 28/08/2013

Oxford City Council has embraced the change to self-financing with confidence and is prioritising the delivery of new rented homes.

A new vision for housing in Newark
Newark and Sherwood District Council - 27/08/2013

With the help of the self-financing Newark and Sherwood District Council and its partners have a solid base from which to invest and are now planning to deliver their vision for housing in Newark.

Mixed and innovative approaches to new homes delivery
LB of Barking and Dagenham - 27/08/2013

Self-financing has provided the long-term platform for LB of Barking and Dagenham to achieve its three investment streams of; major works and decent homes programme to existing stock, estate renewal programme, and new build programme.

Comprehensive investment underpinned by greater rent flexibility
Southampton City Council - 16/08/2013

Southampton City Council's ambitious investment programmes have continued and grown under self-financing, which has also enabled the council to allow greater flexibility around rent levels.

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